Kunst & Kultur aus Karlsruhe auf einen Blick!

26.10.2018 | Burlesque Show, Swing, Lindy Hop


20:00 04:00

Eintritt 7€

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“Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome on stage, the one and only… La Rubinia (Berlin)!”

Burlesque Show + Swing + Lindy Hop
DJ Patrick W. (Karlsruhe)
Einlass 20 Uhr - Eintritt 7€ - Burlesque Show ab 22 Uhr 

The little red-riding-hood named Inka found her way to berlin in 2009.
Like many of the free spirits she found herself instantly seduced by the city’s infectious late night spots and sparkling corners.

But there was one in particular with whom she became inseparable – Baron Funfundzwanzig.

It was love at first sight and bloomed into a passionate affair.

ManyMany days and nights she spent in the arms of her lover- but mere pleasure was soon not enough. 

The young and ambitious red-head wanted more-she wanted to reach the stars. 

Fascinated by the Show Girls and bohemian creatures of the „Moulin Rouge“ and Burlesque Star „Dita von Teese“, she wanted to shine brighter.

Her circus-amazone-friend „Julietta La Doll“ emboldened her to "blaze on stage" and put these wise words into her mind:

"If you really believe in something then just do it".

A few months later her dream came true. 
La Rubinia was born, a red precious stone, shining bright in the Berlin sky.

The magnificent and lovely La Rubinia always try to take you to the land of her dreams. Sometimes it´s Hawaii, sometimes mother Russia or the sinful Moulin Rouge. La Rubinia, the little sweet & shy mademoiselle that blazes on stage. Come and see her shining.